13th November 2017

now booking news year's eve at ROKA

celebrate new year's eve and welcome 2018 with ROKA!  each of the restaurants are offering something a little bit different this year…

ROKA charlotte street & shochu lounge

this year ROKA charlotte street and shochu lounge will be serving the premium tasting menu alongside the full ROKA menu; a few special dishes, especially designed to mark the occasion, will also be available.

16th December 2015

shochu lounge launches exclusive kaiseki menu

served around the shochu table, the menu is a unique collaboration between bartender and chef. inspired by the japanese kaiseki dining experience, the dishes are guided by seasonality and provide an exquisite balance between texture and taste. 

pairings include nigori punch with wagyu tempura roll; chamomile martini with black cod toban and sharp, bitter & twisted with a seasonal dessert platter, the entire experience will take up to three hours.

16th December 2015

aged & conditioned cocktails at ROKA canary wharf

recently launched at ROKA canary wharf, our new additions to the cocktail list have been quite some time in the making – literally!  with a minimum of a one month to wait for the cocktails to come of age, the sherry cask old fashioned and aged fig manhattan have definitely been worth the wait.

the ROKA canary wharf bar is open throughout the day from 11.45am monday to friday and from 11.30am saturday and sunday. the bar closes at 12am monday to saturday and at 9pm on sundays.

16th December 2015

become a shochu master

at shochu lounge we are offering guests the opportunity to join us in creating their own bespoke flavoured shochu. 

the private classes will include an overview of shochu, the traditional japanese liquor, and its history before tasting some samples and creating your own concoction using seasonal fruit or flavours like coffee or vanilla.  once ready, jars will be personalised and stored in shochu lounge for guests to come and enjoy with friends, colleagues and family at their leisure.

16th December 2015

exclusive to ROKA mayfair

at ROKA mayfair we are delighted to be able to exclusively offer the very special kozemon nama junmai ginjo sake.

the seasonal sake, kozemon nama junmai ginjo, is the ideal match with food.  laura, head sommelier at ROKA mayfair, recommends it with the robata grilled baby back ribs glazed with a spiced master stock or robata grilled octopus skewers with crispy rice. laura adds, “the sake is zesty with hints of white pepper, red shiso leaf and chestnut on the nose.  there are notes of lotus root and toasted cashew nuts also on the palate”

16th December 2015

weekend celebrations at ROKA aldwych

with the festive season well under way, han setto brunch at ROKA Aldwych is the perfect opportunity to meet family or friends for a relaxed and leisurely weekend get together.

served saturday and sunday, the brunch begins with a selection of ten dishes, served at the table to share; next guests select one dish each from the robata grill or main kitchen and a roka dessert platter ends the meal. red or white wine is served throughout the meal.

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