exclusive to ROKA mayfair

at ROKA mayfair we are delighted to be able to exclusively offer the very special kozemon nama junmai ginjo sake.

the seasonal sake, kozemon nama junmai ginjo, is the ideal match with food.  laura, head sommelier at ROKA mayfair, recommends it with the robata grilled baby back ribs glazed with a spiced master stock or robata grilled octopus skewers with crispy rice. laura adds, “the sake is zesty with hints of white pepper, red shiso leaf and chestnut on the nose.  there are notes of lotus root and toasted cashew nuts also on the palate”

in addition to the sake we also have some exciting additions to the wine list; specifically, the “birgit eichinger lamm erste lage” 2014, grüner veltliner on the menu.  nausicaa, assistant head sommelier explains that “it’s a clean traditional style grüner, coming from the oldest riesling producing region in austria, it has a subtly sweetness at the start but has a crisp dry finish which is why it works so well with spicy robata dishes and classic sushi and maki dishes”

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